Warning by Difa E Pakistan Council

Warning by Difa E Pakistan Council

Difa E Pakistan Council warned the political parties about danger towards integrity of Pakistan due to political and economic disruptions in country. People are bearing the brunt of political mistakes which are done by leaders.

Difa e Pakistan Council and Jamiat Ulema e Islam proposed a platform to bring Pakistan out of political and economic crises with mutual efforts and understanding of all the leaders as it is the need of time.

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While addressing a conference titled as “Stability of Pakistan and Our Responsibilities”, Jamiat Ulema E Islam Maulana Hamid Ul Haq Haqqani said that, “an inclusive body should be constituted across the board in a bid to save Pakistan from internal and external conspiracies being hatched to destabilize it socially, politically and economically through all possible means”.

He added that, People of Pakistan are bearing the results of political mistakes done by the political leaders and we all should be on one page now to deal with outside enemies of Pakistan.

Maulana further said that, Pakistan had no threats of terrorism from Afghanistan, it is a brotherly country but some foreign enemies are attacking National security of both countries to create conflicts in social, political and religious cohesion of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Solidarity with Minorities

Difa E Pakistan Council represents all the faiths in Pakistan including Christian, Hindu and Sikh communities. The Council express solidarity to all the citizens of Pakistan whether minorities or majorities. Everyone is equal and have equal rights of state.

Maulana Fazal ur Rahman Khalil, Masaykh and Ulema Council Chairman said that this conference is aiming to unite all the social, political and religious parties of Pakistan to gather on one platform and take serious steps towards political and economic conditions.

Pakistan had become an atomic power, and the fact is not completely accepted by some international powers, now they are trying to make Pakistan politically and economically instable at all costs, he added.

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The Difa e Pakistan Council is going to launch a massive campaign for peace and prosperity of Pakistan on Eid ul Fitr.

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