All of Us are Dead, All you need to know about

All of Us are Dead, All you need to know about use

Netflix is on a roll right now with its K-Drama content. The pattern of Netflix change right after it started streaming k-dramas on platform. There is a long list of k-dramas with different genres on Netflix from Romance to college life, action to science fiction and zombies, everything is available on platform.

Last year, Netflix witnessed top ratings in creepy content of k-dramas featuring life-or-death situations in Squid Game, demon creatures in Hellbound to political conflicts in K2 and Zombies survival in All of us are Dead.

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All these dramas gained a lot of popularity and now fans are waiting for season 2 of All of us are Dead.

Recently, the Director of All of Us are Dead said in an interview that, He would intentionally made room in the show for a potential second season. Many directions, scenes and settings in season 1 were intentionally produced to continue it in season 2.

Lee Jae Kyoo also talked about the hybrid zombies in the second half of season 1 which will continue the new races of zombies in season 2. The first season was about the survival of humanity while in season 2, the survival of zombies will be shown.

When will it Release ?

Netflix Korea recently announced the new of upcoming season 2 by sharing a poster and video on their Instagram profile with a caption, “Can we survive again? The second story of Hyosan High School Friends’ fierce zombie survival period begins”.

Another video posted on YouTube starting with Yoon Chan Young saying, “Hello Everyone, its been a while. Thankyou to the Netflix fans worldwide for giving so much love to All of Us are Dead season one”.

The camera next passes towards the cast and other class mates and announcement continues with, “Did you hear the good news? All of us are Dead is returning for season 2. We hope you are all excited for it.

Previously K-dramas have tendency to on air their shows in one seadon but as Squid game became a worldwide sensation, and everyone just got their eyes on the season, directors decided to get a season two.

Now All of Us are Dead is ready for its round two, although fans are excited and news about shooting is circulating all around the town, the episodes of season 2 are expected by the end of 2023, as post production, filming efforts and promotional events are also a part.

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Shooting season 2 is quite challenging as most of the cast of season 1 was already dead leaving couple of survivors, who will be back in action for season 2 including On-jo (Park Ji Hu), Su Hyeok (Park Solomon), Dae su (Im Jae Hyuk), Ha ri(Ha Seung ri) and Hyo Ryung (Kim Bo yoon).

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