Turkey earthquake survivors in streets

Turkey earthquake survivors in streets

The devastating earthquake hit South-east Turkey yesterday, killing a lot of people, the World health organization estimated that toll death rate may increase as rescue teams are still finding more victims. People lost their houses and offices and are living on the streets as heavy rain and snow also started in Turkey.

Rescue teams are working nonstop to save the victims. Heavy machinery worked throughout the night in the city of Adana as a lot of people are still under the heavy buildings. More than 120 aftershocks are also recorded after the earthquake. Turkey Disaster and Emergency Management authority told media that they have not witnessed this much bad situation in their whole life. People were screaming, and asking for help.

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Survivors under the rain

The city Osmaniye, hitted badly by earthquake and rain after the earthquake. People are on roads without power, out in the cold. A hotel manager told media that 14 guests were staying in their hotel from which only seven are found yet. All of the remaining are still under the building. Countries from around the world are sending rescue teams to Turkey, including living tents, medical teams, and sniffer dogs.

Following the international help appeal from Turkey, Rajab Tayyab Erdogan said that 45 countries have offered the help and we are thankful for all the support. The European Union sent the professional rescue teams which are helping people a lot in setting up tent places for survivors to live in this cold weather.

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Turkey is one of the major zone which got effected by earthquake a lot. In 1999 earthquake, more than 17000 people were killed in Turkey, more than 33000 people were killed in 1939 earthquake. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Shareef called the Turkish official and ensure them to provide moral, emotional and all kind of support in this devastating incident.

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