Future of South Korean Cinema

Future of South Korean Cinema

South Korean Culture is about to go global by playing its important role in strengthening the economic level of world. The Majority of the world get introduced to South Korean culture after Kpop and leading kdramas.

The case of Korean cinema is different, in early 2000 films like Kim ki-duk’s spring, summer, Fall, Winter and Spring draw attention of world towards this emerging entertainment industry of South Korea. However in the middle period after 2000 it does not succeeded in making top hit movies.

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Today Korean films and series play an integral part in global entertainment industry. From US to Africa towards Asia, Korean films and dramas are watched and appreciated all over the world. The Busan International Film Festival, which takes places in South Korea is considered as most important film festival of Asia. It is also the fifth largest movie market in world.

The word “Hallyuwood” is most commonly used to refer South Korean film industry. South Korean series are also among the top trending shows on Netflix catching the attention from all around the world.

Record Breaking shows

United States studios also opened their branches in South Korea to work on productions based on South Korean culture and entertainment. The top movie streaming service Netflix is also working on many new series including Kill Boksoon which will premiere in 2023.

Squid games, all of us are dead, vicenzo are some of the top hit shows of South Korean entertainment industries which are still trending on Netflix. South Korea is also famous for its culture of being hip and innovative which makes individual successful. This culture is not only found in Seoul, South Korea’s capital but also in other parts of country.

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The coming years will play a great role in changing South Korea’s future and its film industry. One of the major weakness in the world’s eye is that South Korea is still male dominant society and there are less chances of women to make progress in many industries.

With the changing culture of world, this country also needs to put dominant male society aside and provide equal opportunities for all the person unbiased of gender.

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