Police Clash in Ethiopia Mosque

Police Clash in Ethiopia Mosque

Three Muslims died in police clash in Ethiopian Mosque when worshippers were praying in Addis Ababa’s largest mosque. Several Muslim worshippers have been destroyed on the outskirts of Addis Ababa in recent months in Ethiopia.

In the latest clashes, police targeted Grand Anwar Mosque, leaving three people dead. The report included injuries of 65 police officers during the clash.

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Allah Hu Akbar Voices

During the friday prayer the firing started outside the Grand Anwar Mosque, some of the worshippers were leaving the mosque when sound of Allah o Akbar started.

Crowd also threw stones at police who then responded with tear gas on worshippers. Shots continued to be heard for about two hours before calm returned and police cleared the roads around the mosque.

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A young worshipper told media that, “We more or less knew what was going to happen after prayers. Hundreds of our brothers and sisters were arrested last week, people are furious our mosques are being destroyed“.

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