1,100 schools destroyed in KP floods

schools destroyed

Floods drown 1,100 Schools

Approximately 1,100 government schools in various regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were devastated by the recent horrific floods and rains, which had an influence on thousands of students’ academic progress. 

A total of 246 schools have been completely destroyed by the floodwater, while 838 have been partially destroyed, according to statistics gathered by the elementary and secondary education department regarding the damage brought on by the disastrous floods. 

Education Department’s Data

The majority of the losses were incurred by the public elementary schools. According to the education department’s data, 683 elementary schools have sustained partial damage, while 205 have undergone full destruction. 

Likewise, there are 14 middle schools that are completely destroyed and 62 that are partially destroyed. The floodwaters have also completely destroyed eight government higher secondary schools and partially destroyed 19, while they have partially destroyed 19 government high schools and completely destroyed 74 others. 

Senior Education Department

According to a senior education department official, “the high-ups of the education department are right now scratching their heads how to repair the schools within shortest time and spare the precious time of the children.” 

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He raised concern over the potential dropout of pupils attending the 246 completely destroyed schools. 

Benazir Income Support Program

According to a Benazir Income Support Program study, 39% of the province’s 11.7 million children between the ages of five and 16 are not currently enrolled in school. 

The study, which was conducted with the assistance of elementary and secondary schoolteachers as part of the BISP’s national socio-economic register census, reveals that there are 4.7 million children in the province who are not enrolled in school. One million of them reside in tribal areas. 

Losses From the Floods

When compared to other areas of the province, Dera Ismail Khan has suffered larger losses from the floods in terms of both lives and property. 

In Dera Ismail Khan, the data reveals that 51 government schools have been fully damaged and 145 partially; in Dir Lower, 37 fully and 99 partially; in Lower Kohistan, 25 fully and seven partially; in Swat, 20 fully and 102 partially; in Tank, 18 fully and 103 partially; in Upper Chitral, 10 fully and 25 partially; in Mansehra, 10 fully and 36 partially; and in Nowshera, 10 fully and 36 partially; and in addition, 14 schools have been

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