Police robots at Singapore Airports

Police robots at Singapore Airports

Singapore International Airport is deploying police robots on patrol after a successful trial. The wheel-based robots have cameras, sensors, a display panel, and a siren.

The police robots will roam through the airport lounges autonomously and have installed speakers to communicate with those close by. Microphones will help travellers seeking assistance and ask questions.

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The robot is five feet and seven inches tall, this robot can extend its mast with a camera at the top for better police surveillance. Two robots have already been deployed at the Changi Airport Terminal 4.

Robots as Frontline Officers

A Singapore police division officer says, “These patrol robots operate autonomously alongside our officers, providing additional eyes and support on the ground. The integration of robotics enhances the operational efficiency and capabilities of our frontline officers, enabling them to be more effective in their duties”.

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Recently, New York Police Department also rolled out several robots in the city in its second attempt to deploy technology after it was met with outcry over concerns of costs and privacy.

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