AI Image Creation Tool by Meta

AI Image Creation Tool by Meta

Meta releases ‘Human-like’ AI image creation model to analyze and complete unfinished images more accurately than existing models. The model, I-JEPA, uses background knowledge about the world to fill in missing pieces of images.

The tool is different from other generative AI models, as it fills in missing pieces not only at nearby pixels.

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Human-like Reasoning

The AI tool incorporates the kind of human-like reasoning advocated by top scientists of Meta Yann LeCun and helps the technology to avoid errors that are common to AI-generated images, like hands with extra fingers.

Meta is currently owning WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said that sharing models developed by Meta’s researchers can help the company by unique innovations, lowering costs and spotting safety gaps.

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He further said, “For us, it’s way better if the industry standardizes on the basic tools that we are using and therefore we can benefit from the improvements that others make”.

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