DragGAN, A New AI Editing Tool

DragGAN, A New AI Editing Tool

Artificial Intelligence tools are creating a totally different revolution around the globe. A new AI editing tool DragGAN came to the light with just allowing people to edit photos by dragging fingers on screen.

DragGAN works on the basis of GAN (generative adversarial networks). With this AI editing tool the background exists as white paper, the results are mesmeric allowing interactive way of editing photos by tapping and dragging.

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The app uses AI feature to manipulate images, it appkies the effects while maintaining the integrity, smoothness and lightening in the picture. It allows to deform images using interactive points, and generative AI assists with the changes for smooth and accurate end result.

Altering expressions of Images

Users can adjust the images into various different categories including animals, cars and people as well as landscapes, and everything from image layout. It also allows to layout poses and shapes and even alter person’s expressions.

The Research team wrote, “Imagine being able to just drag any point of image to exactly where you want it to be. That’s what we are aiming to achieve with our new method, which we call DragGAN”.

The editing tool has two main parts, first allows feature based motion and second works on tracking approach that helps keep track of the position. It allows anyone deforming image and have precise control over where every pixel ends up.

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The editor is currently working only on 2D images but developers are trying to make it enable for 3D images also.

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