AI Interference Concern in Elections

AI Interference Concern in Elections

The CEO of Open AI is concerned about the use of artificial intelligence to interfere with elections integrity. He said, it is of huge concern that AI can interfere with elections integrity and it is significant area of concern.

CEO Sam Altman said that, ‘I am nervous about it’, proper rules and guidelines are needed in this matter.

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Its been months, large and small all companies from around the World are trying to bring Artificial Intelligence to market with endless data and billions of dollars at the challenge.

While some of the critics and technology experts are fearing that this technology will cause societal harms with prejudice and misinformation while others also warn Artificial Intelligence that it could also end humanity itself.

Genie in the Bottle

One of the lawmaker Senator Cory Booker, talked about the best ways to regulate AI. He reffered AI as a genie and said There is no way to put this genie in the bottle which is now expanding globally.

As the 2024 elections are near, another Senator noted that, ‘In the election context, for example, pictures can be faked and misinformation can be circulated about the arrests or votes or protests which is dangerous’.

One way to reduce the interference of AI in any sensitive matter, the licensing and testing requirements of AI models should be completed to get with its proper use.

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Open AI is backed up by Microsoft Corp and it is also calling for global cooperation on AI and incentives for safety compliance.

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