Bard, Early AI experiment by Google

Bard, Early AI experiment by Google

Artificial Intelligence is now becoming a part of human life on daily basis, from helping doctors detecting diseases or helping people getting any kind of information, doing projects, assignments or having chat when you get bore, AI is everywhere.

It is the most profound technology helping communities in unlocking their potential. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Meta, all are working to get their own AIs in order to have a global level impact.

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Advanced level Artificial Intelligence and language modules are even capturing the imaginations of people around the world. Chat GPT is the most latest emerged AI technology having attention of almost everyone in the globe.

Bard, AI by Google

Bard, new AI by Google powered by LaMDA which was unveiled two years ago as next-generation language and conversation model for Dialogue Applications. It is now opened to test for its more wider use by public.

Bard seeks to combine the breadth of the World’s knowledge and power, intelligence, creativity and large language models. It will help people learn about NASA’s latest Space Telescope to a 7-year-old baby habits.

It will help the users to solve complex theories and topics within seconds. Initially Brad is released with lightweight model version of LaMDA, for being available at less computing power in order to engage more users.

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Google will ensure the safety, high quality, and groundedness of their AI in real-world information. It would help the users deepen their understanding of information and then turn it into a useful knowledge.

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