AI-powered new method detects lung cancer accurately

Lung cancer

An artificial intelligence blood testing technology is said to detect over 90% of lung cancers.

The test approach is called the DNA evaluation of fragments for early interception – DELFI.

According to experts, lung cancer is the most common cause of death from the disease, claiming almost 2 million lives each year. 

Investigators have found that the DELFI approach accurately distinguishes between those with and without lung cancer.

Chinese scientists claim to have developed a way to diagnose lung cancer using blood tests. The blood test is said to detect lung cancer in its initial stages, implying that numerous lives could be saved using this method.

According to various reports, the study’s results are positive – with over 90% accuracy in finding cancerous tumours in samples taken from patients.

Experts believe that cancer is best treated if found in the nascent stage. If tumours are detected in later stages, the chances of survival for patients get relatively low. The current method detects lung cancer and is dependent on low-dose CT scans yearly. These tests are recommended for those with a habit or history of smoking.

Unfortunately, the method can be extremely expensive and ping false positives at times.

The results of the study were made public in Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday, citing the accuracy of over 1,000 patients. In contrast to traditional methods, the test had a specificity of 92% for detecting lung cancer.

Its creators are sure that the AI-based approach could be employed to detect other forms of cancer as well.

Worries about complications from the invasive procedure also persist.

Study’s author Yuxin Yin of the Peking University People’s Hospital said that detecting cancer in its preliminary stages was urgently needed to improve the survival of lung cancer patients.

The test was developed by Yin’s team and is called Lung Cancer Artificial Intelligence Detector. 

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