Top Instagram models in Pakistan 2022

Instagram models in Pakistan

Top Pakistani Instagram models in 2022

Instagram is the platform to judge popularity on the basis of following. Here is our list of the top Pakistani Instagram models in 2022.

Romaisa Khan

Khan, a well-known influencer in Pakistan, entered the field via Tiktok. Many people were captivated by her TikTok and YouTube videos that featured modeling or cosmetic tutorials. 

The rest, as they say, became history when she joined Instagram, where she quickly gained a significant fan base for her charm and comedy in her videos. She is gradually acquiring subscribers to her Youtube account as she enters the vlogging profession. 

On Instagram, Romaisa has more than 2.4 million followers, and on Tik Tok, she has more than 5.9 million fans. 

She received the PISA “Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity of the Year” award in 2021. 

Waliya Najib 

This former photographer who is now an Instagram influencer and model first rose to prominence in the field of photography. 

She performed her shoots gradually over time, began amassing a huge following, and eventually transitioned into an influencer who worked full-time. 

The PISA Award for “Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity of the Year” was also nominated for Walia Najib. 

She collaborates with well-known Pakistani fashion businesses including Khadi and Gul Ahmed. 

Walia has dabbled in acting, attempting her luck in a brief drama series starring renowned Pakistani actor Firoz Khan. 

She currently has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers. 

Natasha Ali Lakhani 

Natasha Ali Lakhani, in contrast to other influencers who have participated in brand collaborations, is a beauty expert with in-depth knowledge of cosmetics and skin care. 

Natasha is a multi-award-nominated makeup artist and the granddaughter of renowned Pakistani singer Madam Noor Jahan. 

Her Karachi-based company, Natasha Salon, specialises in bridal and fashion makeup. 

On her account “Beyond Beauty Natasha,” Natasha has more recently established herself as a body and skin positivity activist. 

It goes without saying that Natasha is knowledgeable about maintaining beauty through suggestions, food, or makeup. 

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Sara Shakeel

World-famous glitter and crystal artist Sara Shakeel is one of the top influencers in Pakistan. 

Despite having no professional experience in the arts, Sarah is a dentist by profession, which has allowed her to develop relationships with companies like Elle, Vogue, Chance the Rapper, and Swarovski. 

She specialises in contemporary art utilising Swarovski crystals and glitter, which she applies to photographs and three-dimensional items to create both digital and real collages. 

With over a million followers on Instagram, Sara Shakeel is well-known throughout the world for her groundbreaking idea of “glitter stretch marks.” 

Merub Ali

Merub Ali started her career as a model and photographer for several regional Pakistani companies in 2018. 

Her close friendship with Pakistani stars Haniya Amir and Asim Azhar, however, helped her achieve prominence and thousands of fans over time. 

Merab began collaborating with numerous companies, like Pantene and Beechtree, and recently showed off her acting talents in the popular drama. 

Laraib Rahim

Laraib Rahim is a multifaceted influencer with skills in acting, modelling, and brand partnerships. 

Laraib Rahim has distinguished herself as one of the country’s top up-and-coming makeup artists and influencers among Pakistan’s many other makeup artists. 

Laraib Rahim is a master of his craft, and her transition videos are the key to his success. Laraib has incredible cosmetics and modelling skills. 

She is one of Pakistan’s rising fashion and beauty influencers and has collaborated with a variety of businesses. 

Hira Ateeq

Hira Ateeq is a well-known name among the influential Pakistanis who are well-known. 

Heera, along with her sister Hemayal, is a full-time fashion influencer and owns a lifestyle blog in addition to being a fashion and cosmetics expert.

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