Chinese Engineer in Custody after Blasphemy accusation

Chinese Engineer in Custody after Blasphemy accusation

A Chinese engineer working in Dasu Hydropower project is taken in police protection custody after workers accused him of blasphemy, police took the step as crowd gathered at the spot to take reaction against him.

Police moved the man to a safer location as hundreds of people gathered at the place. The crowd also stormed main district police station, believing that the man was hiding inside the building.

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Most Sensitive issue of Pakistan

Blasphemy is one of the most sensitive issue of Pakistan that even rumours of little remarks can cause deadly violence and incite lynch mobs. There are alot of cases in the past years where deaths of many people happened in case of blasphemy.

Police officials moved the engineer to another district by using military helicopter fearing the man might be attacked by people. The man was charged and had so far declined to give any statement.

According to the police officials, Chinese Engineer highlighted the slow pace of work during the Holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast. The laborer’s accepted that they are fasting but denied that work had slowed down.

This whole argument led to an exchange heated words, later the labours accused him of blasphemy and 400 locals gathered at the spot to protest against him.

A complaint is filed against the engineer named, “Mr Tian” and said that his remarks sparked tensions among people. The engineer is a Chinese national and has been taken to a safe place as a precautionary measure.

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Army and Paramilitary troops are also deployed to ensure the safety of engineers. Blasphemy is punishable by death in Pakistan though no executions have ever been carried out for the crime.

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