Need a bestfriend ? Talk to your own Snapchat AI

Need a bestfriend ? Talk to your own Snapchat AI

Anyone needs a bestfriend ? Snapchat is here, now talk to your own AI bot at any place, anytime about any topic. Snapchat UAE introduced the feature of AI chatbot talking in a human like fashion, and getting best responses from it.

The feature is powered by ChatGPT’s technology, called as ‘My AI’. The bot is capable of holding complete conversation with person and users can even name their personal chatbot whatever they want.

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As soon as user text AI not, it readily responds with Hey and start talking about random things and asks question about ongoing conversation. It also introduces itself as “My name is MyAI ! I am a virtual friend that lives inside snapchat. How about you, What is your name ?”.

New Bestie in the Town

Taking it to official website of Snapchat it announced about the bot as, “Just like real friends, the more you interact with My AI, the better it goes to know you, and it will generate more better responses”.

The bot will not have any previous memory of conversation allowing users to talk to it with full comfort however, it could possible ask same questions repeatedly.

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It is considered as new “Bestie” in the town that is friendly, and respond like humans. For example if someone ask it about If it likes human?. The bot responds like “ofcource humans are fascinating creatures with so much potential. I love learning about different cultures, and ways of life. I would not be able to chat like this if it weren’t for humans”.

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