Devastating Greece Boat Disaster

Devastating Greece Boat Disaster

A large boat full of people including women and children sank off in Greece, 500 people are still missing. A large number of women and children were among those missing in the horrific tragedy.

According to the United Nation report 78 people are dead and more than 500 are missing. Rescue teams are working day and night to search for survivors.

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Some of the smugglers were trying to take people across the border when the boat sank off and all people went down in water.

The rescue and search operation made it clear that search and rescue at sea was a legal and humanitarian imperative. The International organization for Migration said, the search and rescue action had to be conducted to prevent loss of life.

750 Ilegal Migrants in Boat

The boat was carrying up to 750 people who went down 50 nautical miles of Pylos in Southern Greece, the role of coastguard has come under increasing Scrutiny.

The government spokesperson confirmed that the coastguard had used a rope to steady themselves to approach but there was no help and most of the people could not survive the incident.

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People from different areas and authorities are looking for their bodies in the sea. They are looking in hospitals, among dead bodies and among the survivors.

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