Yango, Riding service now in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Yango, Riding service now in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Yango, the international ride-booking service and an established player on a global level is gearing up to expand its work in Pakistan from Rawalpindi and Islamabad after a successful service in Lahore.

Yango is working in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, UAE, Norway, Finland, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco Algeria and Sub-Saharan Africa as well. Now Yango started its work in South Asia beginning from Pakistan.

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Test Drive in Twin Cities

The Islamabad City Manager of Yango said, “Even a test launch of Yango in Pakistan has generated immense excitement in the region. Our business model thrives on collaborating with our local partners, who are Pakistani-based transportation providers, aspiring to create economic opportunities and enhancing the transport infrastructure in the big cities and beyond”.

He further added, “As we kick off our service, feedback from users and drivers will be crucial in optimizing our services, catering to the Pakistani market’s specific needs and solving a real problem of limited mobility options”.

Saying, “Mobility and transport form the backbone of any country’s economic growth and wellbeing, and we aim to make a valuable contribution to it via Yango” observed Miral Sarif, Yango’s Islamabad City Manager.

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Pakistan already has a lot of online booking rides and transport services available, some of them are having huge profit from Pakistan market. Now Yango will have a test drive in twin cities and we have to wait for the outcome.

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