More than 50 people died in overloaded boat

More than 50 people died in overloaded boat

Overloading in a boat caused 51 tourists to die in cold water, forty-nine children bodies were drowned out after three days of diving. All were the students of madrassa and had been taken out for picnic day on Tanda Dam Lake.

The police officials reported that due to cold water dam was freezing so we stopped the rescue operation. Today the divers will go deep down to find remaining bodies. One body of a teacher and skipper were also pulled out from water.

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Eye Witness thoughts on incident

The tea seller at the picnic spot told that a lot of parents and relatives had gathered from past few days. Every time the diver comes out, parents jump over to see if it’s their son and then we hear screaming of pain and grief.

He further said that this is the most painful scene I have never witnessed in my life. The lake is located almost three miles away from Islamic school in Kohat. Police told media that the capacity of boat is 20-25 persons and we have rescued almost 51 dead bodies yet.

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One of the 11-year old survivor, Muhammad Mustafa said that “My shawl and sweater weighed me down, so I took them off. The water was extremely cold when a man on a tube saved me”. He added that, I got scared too much that I can’t even move my hands and legs to get out of water.

Drownings are common in Pakistan due to less safety precautions, when boats become overloaded, it loses its stability and pitch passengers into water. Last year in July, more than 15 women died after and overload boat having 100 members of same family.

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