Rs 10,000 Bank Note in Pakistan

Rs 10,000 Bank Note in Pakistan

The State Bank of Pakistan is gearing up to launch a higher domination banknote, the new is circulating. The picture of Rs 10,000 bank note is circulating all over the world and people are speculating if its true or not.

The name of governor mentioned on Rs 10000 note being circulated on social media is Yaseen Anwar, who served as the 17th Governor of State Bank of Pakistan back in 2011 to 2014.

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The rumours about a fragile state of the local currency and its parity against world currencies, there are certain key points which prove that the claims are false.

Current Governor SBP

The State Bank of Pakistan issued an official notice and advised the public not to pay heed to such rumours and check the authenticity of any news item related to banknotes on the State Bank of Pakistan website and ita social media.

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The Rs 10,000 banknote false news was also circulated back in 2018. However, people should note the name of present Governor of State Bank of Pakistan and then circulate any news or picture.

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