Shehzad Roy Denies Anti-aging Claims, Says He Isn’t a Vampire

Shehzad Roy

Pakistani Twitter in Awe of Shehzad’s Youth

Shehzad Roy has just flatly denied that he is a vampire, but nobody believes him.

Pakistani Twitter users flocked to the singer’s message to express their shock and demand that he stop using skincare products and give the location of the spring of youth. 

Singer of Laga Reh

Roy responded to a tweet on Wednesday that included a picture of him and a fan. The admirer made a remark about the harm that time had done to him, but not to the singer of “Laga Reh.”

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He inquired, “What is this sorcery?” Roy retorted that he is not a vampire and that most individuals his age (44), look like this. 

Even if we all support a humble monarch, we are unable to accept this response since doing so would imply rejecting what is obvious to us.

Twitter Users

Many Twitter users put aside their pride and offered themselves as examples of ageing, claiming that despite being younger than the singer, they appear to be getting older. 

Putting jokes aside, Shehzad Roy, we can only wish we looked as beautiful as you do at 44.

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