Top Pakistani Influencers

Top Pakistani Influencers

World’s Most Lucrative Industries

Since the digital revolution and internet transformation of the world occurred, typical market tendencies have shifted. Influencer marketing has become one of the world’s most lucrative industries.

The influencer marketing strategy debuted late in Pakistan, but it is now pervasive across several social media platforms and has become the primary source of advertising for all types of firms.

Influencer is not an Overnight Strategy

Becoming an influencer is not an overnight strategy; it requires a great deal of effort and might take months or even years.

1. Zaid Ali T

In 2010, Zaid Ali launched his own YouTube channel, when the term “influencer” was unheard of.

His fame grew steadily over the years as he produced funny videos showcasing common South Asian society. After achieving popularity on YouTube and Facebook, Zaid Ali became a full-time influencer on Instagram and a YouTube vlogger.

Zaid Ali was named “Vlogger of the Year” at the PISA Awards in Dubai in 2020.

2. Shahveer Jaffry

Shahveer Jaffry is among the most influential individuals in the entertainment and content creation industries.

He began his YouTube career by teaming with Zaid Ali and Shaam Idrees, which led to his rise to prominence.

In the end, his work on “brown culture” and the comic image of foreign Pakistanis garnered him an enormous fan base.

His videos show flawlessly the social norms of a ‘desi’ individual.

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3. Romaisa Khan

Romaisa Khan is a well-known influencer who entered the market through TikTok. Many were captivated by her videos and TikToks offering beauty tutorials or her modeling skills.

She transitioned to Instagram concurrently and garnered a massive following for her wit and charisma through her videos. She is also entering the vlogging profession via YouTube, where she is quickly gaining subscribers.

Romaisa has almost 2 million Instagram followers and an additional 5.9 million Tik Tok followers.

PISA granted her the title of  “Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity of the Year” in 2021.

4. Waliya Najib

This photographer turned Instagram influencer/model began her career as a photographer before ascending to the top.

She conducted her shoots and began acquiring great popularity over time, which led to her becoming an influencer full-time.

She was also nominated for the “Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity of the Year” PISA award.

She collaborates with major Pakistani fashion brands such as Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, and many others.

Waliya also entered the acting field by appearing in a short drama series alongside the renowned Pakistani actor Feroze Khan.

Today, she has a staggering 1.2 million Instagram followers.

5. Natasha Ali Lakhani

Natasha Ali Lakhani, unlike other influencers who collaborate with brands, is a beauty expert with extensive understanding of makeup and skin health.

Natasha is the granddaughter of the renowned Pakistani vocalist Madam Noor Jahan and a makeup artist nominated for multiple awards.

She specializes in bridal and couture makeup through her Karachi-based firm, Natasha Salon.

Recent years have seen Natasha promote her social media account “Beyond Beauty Natasha” as a platform for body and skin positive activism.

Obviously, Natasha understands how to keep beauty, whether through diet, suggestions, or makeup.

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