Top Tiktokers in Pakistan

Top Tiktokers in Pakistan

List of Top TikTokers of Pakistan

There are over 100 million members on Tik Tok, but only a few of them have managed it to the top. We have made a list of the top TikTokers of Pakistan. Let’s have a look at them:

Hyderabadi Tiktok Star: Hussain Tareen

Hussain Tareen is a Pakistani Tiktok Star. Born in Hyderabad, Pakistan, on 22nd November 1997, he deserves to be at the top of our list of top TikTokers of Pakistan.

Tareen’s TikTok followers are more than 6.3 million and he has 260.5 million total likes on his TikTok videos. Tareen’s Instagram followers are at 1.4 million.

The approximate net worth of Hussain Tareen is 7–10 lac Pakistani Rupees. At this time, his actual earnings and income are private. With 597K subscribers and counting, Hussain’s Youtube channel also provides income for Hassen Tareen. 

Social Media Celeberity: Rebeeca Khan

Model, actress, singer, YouTuber, TV personality, TikToker, online sensation, and social media celebrity Rabeeca Khan is well-known in Pakistan. 

Over 6.1 million people follow Rabeeca Khan on TikTok, and there are 157 million total likes. While Rabeeca Khan has 3.2 million Instagram followers. 

The estimated net worth of Rabeeca Khan is between $100K and $500K. At this time, her true wages and income are not known. With 929K subscribers and counting, Rebeeca’s Youtube channel also brings in money for her.

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Lahori Tiktoker: Nadeem Mubarak

Nadeem Mubarak (also known as Nani wala) is a talented young Pakistani TikToker from Lahore. He began filming videos with his Nani and gradually rose to fame as “Nani wala,” which subsequently became both his name and his claim to fame. 

10.3 million people follow Nadeem Mubarak (Nani wala) on TikTok, while there are 466.8 million likes overall. While there are 801K Instagram followers for Nadeem Mubarak (Nani wala). 

The estimated net worth of Nadeem Mubarak (Nani wala) is between $1 and $5 million. At this time, his actual earnings and income are private. Additionally, he makes money via Nadeem’s YouTube channel, which now has 491K subscribers and is expanding. 

Tiktoker from Faisalabad: Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum, affectionately known as Lishay by her followers. Alishba Anjum is a native of Faisalabad, Pakistan’s most picturesque city. Her naive approach is what made her famous.

There are more than 14 million followers and 393.8 million likes for Alishba Anjum on TikTok. While Alishba Anjum has 1.6 million Instagram followers. 

The estimated net worth of Alishba Anjum is $1 million. She currently receives between Rs. 300,000 and Rs. 350,000 for creating a sponsored video. Alishba Anjum also makes money with her 230K+ subscriber strong Youtube channel, Alishba. 

First Female on Tiktok: Jannat Mirza

With more than 17.7 million followers and 473.7 million likes on her videos, Jannat Mirza is the top user on TikTok Star. The first female in Pakistan to start posting videos on TikTok is Jannat Mirza. 

Jannat’s Instagram account has more than 3 million followers as well. More than Rs. 100,000 is paid to Jannat for a single modelling photo shoot.

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