Defence agreement between UK and Japan

Defence agreement between UK and Japan

Japan and UK signed a defence agreement right after Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida revealed that post World War II till now japan has become the biggest military setup. Japan and UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak signed the agreement on deal that both of the countries will send their military to both nations for special trainings and operation.

Both prime minister signed the agreement at tower of London. Both of the countries also teamed up with Italy on new fighter jet programme. The Japanese Prime Minister Kishida was already in London for the tour of G7 countries including France, Italy, Canada, and United States. Japan also holds the rights of hosting G7 conference next year and already holding presidency rights of group.

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Greatest Strategic Challenge

The japan signed the agreement as the result of security challenges they face from china. Japan claimed it as “greatest strategic challenge ever” for the nation and UK-japan defence agreement will help in strengthening the security of both countries.

The UK’s prime minster Sunak also said that this is the most strong defence agreement signed between any nations in a century. He also added that this agreement will help both the nations in boosting the economic security and democratic well-being. Japan also signed the defence agreement with Australia 9in last January, these agreements will help japan for being a third largest budget holding nation in the world.

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Japan and UK were already doing defence deals in which UK ships and aircraft can visit japan, but the problem was clearance details from foreign ministry, the new defence agreement will ease the method of clearance and help both the nations in sharing outstanding framework of defence materials and force.

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