Signs of Emotional abuse

Signs of Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse basically includes non-physical behaviors that are meant to control, isolate or frighten you. This may be in the form of security in any relationship, in the name of protection or close relationship.

Emotional abuse continues to be a gravely troubling and frequently unnoticed issue in a society that is increasingly focused on awareness about various forms of abuse.

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Emotional abuse involves manipulation, degradation, and control, causing profound emotional wounds and eroded self-esteem. It can occur in various relationships and thrive on power imbalances creating fear and dependency.

The effects of emotional abuse are also devastating, leading to anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD and self-harm thoughts.

Reasons of Emotional Abuse

Some people are not given the necessary amount of love and care as children because of the dysfunctional homes in which they are raised. Some children were also raised in homes where they were subjected to physical and emotional violence.

The children who experience this type of behavior in their childhood, they evolve the mechanism of being in flight or fight mode in order to survive. So when they become adults they try to manage their relationship with same emotional trauma as they experienced once.

They feel difficulty in their relationships and have fear of speaking up, they think that they might not be right and doubting their abilities, making excuses for their choices.

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Emotional abuse can also lead to suicide and many other serious issues. Psychological health department of Pakistan should focus more on creating awareness about importance of mental health and emotional abuse negative impact.

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