Singer Asad Abbas in need of help

Singer Asad Abbas in need of help

Life is a reality where even the most successful persons sometimes can find themself in worst situations. The same is situation with Asad Abbas, renowned singer of Pakistani music industry who mesmerized audiences with his melodicious voice.

Asad Abbas has left an indelible mark on the music industry, earning different awards and titles such as Pakistani Sangeet Icon Award and a Lux Style Award for his extraordinary and exceptional talent.

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He also showcased his extraordinary vocal abilities as the lead singer of the Meekal Hassan Band. Asad Abbas is also the mastermind behind the popular song “Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yar Ve”, the OST of ‘Raqs e Bismil’.

Asad Abbas in bad Condition

Amidst all his accomplishments and fame, he is currently beating a colossal crisis that has shattered his life. His kidneys have failed and his unrelenting battle against diabetes has drained his savings over the past seven years.

He has been compelled to sell his houses, cars and other possessions. The lifestyle he once enjoyed has been replaced by a desperate need for assistance as he raised five crores for his treatment in United States.

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Imran Ashraf took it to Instagram and employed the power of social media to appeal for support on his behalf. Various individuals contributed much amount for Asad enabling him to regain a sense of normalcy and lead a healthy happy life once again.

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