Korean Singer Choi Sung-bong dies by Suicide

Korean Singer Choi Sung-bong dies by Suicide

A South Korean singer Choi Sung-bong passed away at the age of 33, the singer started his career after getting fame in ‘Korea’s Got Talent‘ in 2011. The singer shared a farewell message on his YouTube channel earlier this week.

The prominent singer was found dead at his home in Yeoksam-dong district of Southern Seoul after sharing an alleged suicide note.

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Choi Sung-bong had troubled upbringing and was out of the school at very young age as he was not able to pay tuition fees. After getting our of school, he got free music training from Jeong-So Park and participated in ‘Korea’s got Talent’.

After getting worldwife fame for his music, Choi cracked a deal with a Korean label to publish the best-selling memoir about his journey from an impoverished youth to internet fame.

Fake Fund Raising Campaign

Choi Sung-bong launched a fund-raising campaign claiming he was in need of money for treatment of multiple forms of cancer. A lot of people raised funds for singer and helped him collecting money.

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The episode later turned out to be a hoax, Choi apologized for his foolish mistake in the farewell note and confirmed that he had returned all the donations he received.

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