KPop singer Moonbin Death

KPop singer Moonbin Death

Popular Korean boy band member Moonbin died at the very young age of 25, his fans all around the world are shock and sad on this news. His musical label, Fantigo confirmed the news of death, saying that he suddenly left us and became a star in sky.

All his band members, colleagues and executives are deeply mourning as they all were together for a very long time. The fantigo music label said that, Moonbin always loved and thought of everyone with a lot of love and respect. He loved his fans a lot and more than anyone.

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The Kpop singer was found dead in his home in Seoul at 8:10 p.m at Wednesday night. According to the initial investigation by police, it is said that Moonbin took his own life as no signs of foul play have been found related to the case.

Stressful Korean Entertainment Industry

Suicide cases in Korean entertainment industry is very common, many artists feel their life full of depression and sadness many times. On death of Moonbin, social media is filled with sadness and condolences from fans around the world.

The latest case of Moonbin’s death cast a spotlight on intense pressure and stress that celebrities feel from tough competition in Korean entertainment industry. After his death the hashtag #moonbin was also trending on Twitter used in more than 2.6 million tweets in English, Spanish, Thai, and Indonesian.

Fans in Chile also set up a memorial for Astro star lining a wall with white and purple balloons, the main theme colors of Astro band. One of tha fan on social media wrote, “Rest in Peace Moonbin, you had words of comfort for others. I wish you had talked about your pain. Rest Sweet Angel”.

Monbin was a talented singer and dancer of Korean Entertainment industry, in his last few years, he also started writing stuff for Astro band.

Intense pressure on Kpop idols

k-pop idols are known are known to be most stressed and depressed artists due to intense pressure from their strict management which lead to mental health crises for the artist itself. This is the reason for South Korea having highest rate of suicides.

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Other star member in Astro band are Jinjin, MJ, Cha Eun Woo and Yoon San Ha, the singer also performed as part of subgroup Sanha & Moonbin. The duo was also set to perform in 2030 World Expo. His little sister Moon Sua is also an artist in girl group Billlie.

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