Awareness on World Autism Day

Awareness on World Autism Day

World Autism day is observed on April 2 all around the world, it is marked to create awareness about Autism and how to work on development of child with Autism disease. It is a disease that hinders brain development and affect the growth of child through many factors.

A ceremony by Children’s Hospital is held at Punjab Governor house regarding World’s Autism Day which was attended by Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh Ur Rahman. Addressing the gathering, Governor said that the purpose of the ceremony is to create awareness among people about Autism.

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He added that Autism is a disease that affects the brain development of Children and cause difficulty in their social interactions. Due to lack of proper care and timely diagnosis, the children with Autism fall behind other normal kids.

This affects not only the personal life of children but the entire family. Through early diagnosis and proper treatment, children can be made useful for their family and society, he added.

Governor Punjab Baligh Ur Rahman said that media should play its role in creating awareness among people about autism, some kids with autism are even extraordinary and do best in their lives but some needs proper attention from their families, friends and teachers.

First ever Hospital for Autism

Children’s Hospital Lahore is the first government hospital of Pakistan with Department of Developmental Behavioral Paediatrics, playing its significant role in diagnosis and treatment of Autism.

The Governor of Punjab appreciated the efforts of Vice Chancellor of University of Child Sciences, Prof Dr Masood Sadiq, Department Head, Prof Dr Shazia Maqbool and the entire team for their good work.

He appreciated the department of health, Special Education and NGOs for doing their best work for children affected by Autism. Caretaker Health Minister Dr Javed Akram, Special Secretary Development and Reforms Syed Wajid Ali shah also attended the ceremony.

Dr Javed Akram in his speech said that there is need of Provincial Autism Policy regarding Autism to reform policies about the disease and create awareness among people with Autism.

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Special children, parents, welfare organization, doctors and Senior Professors from Medical Universities attended the ceremony.

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