Reopening of Khunjrab Pass

Reopening of Khunjrab Pass

The Khunjrab Pass between Pakistan and China was closed in November 2019 due to Covid-19, the trade activities with China remained suspended during last three years which also caused many people jobless.

The Khunjrrab Pass connecting Pakistan and China is now re-opened and it will boost the bilateral trade between both friendly countries. Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef said that re-opening will increase trade and boost up the on going project across the country.

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He appreciated the arrangements for re-opening of trade between Pakistan and China after a long period of three years. He further added that, speed of CPEC project will be doubled from past and will help in employment of many Pakistanis.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef paid tribute to officials of both China and Pakistan for opening of Khunjerab pass, saying that love and support of China’s leadership for Pakistan is unforgettable and beyond the limits.

Trade Agreement between China & Pakistan

Pakistan and China signed the agreement of year long operation of continuing trade from April to November through Khunjerab Pass, it is expected to drive cross-border trade and business through this long term agreement.

The Customer Director at Khunjerab Pass said that, “Cross Border drivers can drive their truck towards Pakistan directly, unlike in Corona they had to leave their cargo in designated areas after rounds of disinfection”.

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All the arrangement at both sides are completed, the officials of GB government also visited the Khunjrab Pass to review the arrangement and to check the arrival of Cargo from China.

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