Is Pakistan going to Trade with Israel ?

Is Pakistan going to Trade with Israel ?

Internet is having long talks on Trade between Pakistan and Israel as A Jewish Pakistan Fishel Benkhald sent some food sample to three businessmen in Jerusalem and Haifa through UAE.

Netizens on social media are sharing different views on Pakistan starting trade with Israel however, Islamabad termed the rumors as “Sheer Propaganda”.

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Earlier American Jewish Congress shared media on social media containing shipment details of Pakistani originated food products in Israel after which social media users started arguments on the facts.

The clarification from Foreign Office of Pakistan came two days after rumors circulation. Foreign Office of Pakistan cleared that Pakistan has neither diplomatic nor economic ties with Israel.

Commencement of Pakistan Israel Trade

While talking to media, spokesperson of Foreign Office of Pakistan, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that Policy of Pakistan on Israel is unchanged, the rumors about trade is total propaganda.

The Press release of American Jewish Congress was misrepresented, even in the press release they did not mentioned about any kind of trade with Pakistan. Pakistan is not intended to develop any relations with Israel, FO added.

The Government of Pakistan, banks, or any other official channel is not involved in this activity, the post triggered a strong debate on social media but trade was not connected to the post.

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The Spokesperson remarked, “There is no change in our policy on which there is complete national consensus. Pakistan supports the Palestinian people inalienable right to self-determination”.

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