Salaries & Benefits of Supreme Court Judges

Salaries & Benefits of Supreme Court Judges

Now a days, social media is full of different speculations about salaries and benefits of Supreme Court Judges during and after their job tenure. Rumours are about a judge of the top court earning Rs 1.7 million per month.

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Different users on social media are claiming about the salaries and benefits received by judges. One of the user claimed that Supreme Court Judge in Pakistan receives pay of Rs 1.8 million including 800,000 salary, 3,70,000 for house rent, two luxury vehicles, two drivers, 600 litres of petrol, daily allowance of 5000 and discount on plane tickets.

Other than salaries & benefits received by Supreme Court Judges, when it comes to law, Pakistan is on 139th rank in World for implementation of law.

Facts in the Claim

According to one of the senior official of Ministry of Law, Chief Justice earn monthly salary of Rs 1.7 million including all the benefits while a judge of top court receives Rs 967,638 monthy.

Including the salary and benefits, the judges of Supreme Court also receive monthly Superior Judicial Allowance of Rs 4,28,040. Each senior judge of Supreme Court also receive Rs 69,035 for medical allowance per month.

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However, according to the President’s order No 2 1997, Apex Court Judges will not be taxed on the house rent, car allowance, cost of living allowance and pensions.

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