Pakistanis Celebrating Eid ul Azha

Pakistanis Celebrating Eid ul Azha

Muslims around the Pakistan began Eid ul Azha celebrations with prayers and greetings in the morning, men headed together and got started with their sacrifice of animals. Eid ul Azha is remembrance of the devocatoon and faithfulness of Prophet Ibrahim to Allah.

The first day of Eid ul Azha is quite busy and hectic for everyone as people sacrifice animals and distribute meat to their relatives and the less fortunate people.

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Most of the people visit their relatives and friends on the evening of the first day where friends share a big feast with each other as the main spirit of this Eid is for families to gather and enjoy the food together.

Sharing Traditional food and Sweets

Families and friends come together on Eid ul Azha to celebrate the festival by enjoying special meals, exchanging gifts and paying visits to one another. The time of chatting and sharing delicious food, traditional dishes and sweets.

People also call their relatives living abroad as this is the most emotional time of the year when everyone misses their family relatives living in other countries spending Eid ul Azha alone.

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All the political leaders and government officials also wished Eid Mubark to the whole nation.

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