Madari, A Crime film on Eid

Madari, A Crime film on Eid

Madari, a film by Siraj ul Salkin is crime drama film coming on Eid ul Azha to give audience an experience full of joy and thrill. The writer of the film has spent a lot of time with his characters, making the scenes more real.

When the characters shown according to the real cause-and-effect chain, it made direct impact on minds of people without giving up on their perpetual subordination to the plot, and that presentation is what made a character stay in our mind.

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The film is stem from the fact that it relies on a completely new set of trained actors, technicians and storytellers to tell a story that is gripping, relevant and most importantly natural.

It is a low-budget film when compared to other films releasing in cinemas, editing choice of director is also different from other films such as overreliance on the slow-motion freeze frames. If someone is fan of quality crime drama then Madari is the best option for this eid.

Some spoilers from Film

The film is based in Karachi, places like Layari, especially the opening seen when a cheel is flying, signifying the famous Cheel chowk. The story revolves around Haris, a young and passionate kid in late teens who is tired of living with his Uncle.

Haris trying to become a street criminal with his friend and scene of monkey’s dance on dugduggi. The label of being a failure and getting a job in local lawyers office as a peon. The film just depicts the facts and natural scenes from slum areas of Karachi.

The character is played by Alam as the first script offered to him being a new talent. From his hair and makeup to accent and body language, he did justice to the character’s energy.

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However, it is still an experience for Pakistani film industry that will show its reaped fruits after Eid, whether it would help Pakistani cinema to come back on its feet or fall down again.

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