No Rights to bring Family to UK

No Rights to bring Family to UK

Foreign Postgraduate students in United Kingdom lost their opportunity to bring families with them during their education perios. They will no longer be able to dependant family members with them.

The announcement has been made two days ago before legal migration has hit a record 700,000 this year. Last year, almost 135,788 visas were granted to dependants of foreign students, nine times the 2019 figure.

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told the ministers, this move would help bring migration down. He also told the cabinet members that this change will make a significant difference to migration numbers from January 2024.

Official Migration Impact

Students and family members who come to United Kingdom for less than one year will not be counted as UK population and this will have an impact on official migration level.

The Ministers said, “We are considering a lot of options to bring migration down, but refused to say what an acceptable level was”. The target is bring net migration below 100,000 per year but country is failing to meet it ahead of 2019 elections.

According to the new decision, postgraduate students will not be able to apply for live in the UK during the course of thwir research programme or studying courses. The partners and children of postgraduate students will not be able to live in country.

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The migration figures increased when study visa requirements were ease for Europeon Economic Area, applications have also risen since when UK government allowed foreign students to stay in UK for two years after graduating.

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