‘Shame on Tery Bin’ Twitter trend

'Shame on Tery Bin' Twitter trend

Pakistani Drama Tery Bin casting Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali is trending in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Fans loved the duo and their immense cold-war chemistry on screen but the drama is also facing huge criticism.

It began airing in December from Geo Entertaiment and has become all the rage not only in Pakistan but globally. The episodes also trended at the number one position on Youtube in India multiple times.

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The drama is directed by Siraj Ul Haq and main characters are played by Wahaj Ali as Murtasim and Yumna Zaidi as Meerub, who is used to living her life by her own terms and got married to Murtasim with traditional social barriers.

Reason of Criticism

Fans are loving the chemistry duo holds, and drama trended again for three days on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and internet is not getting over the harsh scenes from latest episodes showing marital rape.

Meerub slapped Murtasim during an argument, and in response Mustasim grow furious and push Meerab onto the bed and then close the door. The trailer of episode showed that marital rape and assault would take place in the next episode.

The triggering nature of the act have sent fans into a frenzy. People are also up in arms, saying rape should not be used as a plot device and normalised in a society where survivors rarely receive any justice.

Fans made the top trend on twitter as “Shame on Tery Bin makers” for days now. One of the fans commented that Murtasim is the real villian of show and not Malik Zubair.

People are upset because the show did not even need a twist now and no one is expecting any good ending of drama.

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The problem is that, dramas like Tery Bin which have a huge following should not trivialise sensitive topics like this for ratings.

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