Pakistani Sport Climber Iqra Jillani Aims for Historic Win at Asian Games 2023

pakistani sport climber iqra jillani aims for historic win at asian games 2023

pakistani sport climber iqra jillani aims for historic win at asian games 2023

Iqra Jillani, a talented sport climber from Pakistan, is getting ready to compete at the Asian Games in China. She aims to win a medal in sports climbing, a challenging sport where athletes climb up artificial walls. Iqra, who is 25 years old and works in the energy sector, has been practicing hard for the last three months.

She is a part of a team of five Climbers representing Pakistan. and they all want to make their country proud by winning medals in sports climbing. The Asian Games will have this climbing event from September 28 to October 2, and athletes from many countries will compete for Gold medals.

Iqra and her teammate Amani are the first Pakistani women to participate in this climbing event at the Asian Games. In the past, Pakistan was represented by two male athletes.

Iqra also looks up to Naila Kiani, a famous mountaineer from Pakistan, as her role model. She admires Naila for her achievements in climbing.

While mountaineering and sports climbing require endurance and fitness, they are different sports. Sports climbing involves climbing on man-made walls in a limited time, while mountaineering is about climbing natural peaks in various challenging environments.

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Iqra wants aspiring climbers to know that to excel in sports climbing, they need to practice on climbing walls specifically. She hopes to do well in the Asian Games but She said it is tough to competition from countries like China, Indonesia, and Japan.

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