G20 Leaders Agree on Ukraine Conflict Statement Without Mentioning Russia

g20 leaders agree on ukraine conflict statement without mentioning russia

g20 leaders agree on ukraine conflict statement without mentioning russia

At the G20 summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi happily announced that leaders had all agreed on a statement. This Statement avoided naming Russia while discussing the situation in Ukraine.

The discussions were tough, as some western countries wanted to strongly criticize Russia in the statement. Others preferred to focus on broader economic issues.

While we don’t know the exact words used to describe the Ukraine situation in the statement, the G20 leaders expressed their disapproval of using force to take over land. They called on all Countries to avoid using force for territorial gain and to Respect the independence and sovereignty of other nations.

Unlike a previous G20 statement that directly condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine, this one didn’t point fingers at any specific country. However, the U.S. National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, thought the statement was good. He said , reinforced the idea that force shouldn’t be used to seize territory and that nuclear weapons should never be used.

Sullivan also Stressed the importance of following the Principles of the UN Charter especially those related to respecting a country’s Sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also Called for a stop to attacks on civilian infrastructure like power grids.

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India, as the host of the G20 summit, faced a diplomatic challenge regarding the Ukraine situation. India has good relationship with Russia. which provides a lot of its weapons and affordable oil ,at the same time India is part of a group called the Quad, which includes the United States, Japan, and Australia.

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