US Warns North Korea: Don’t Send Weapons to Russia During Ukraine Conflict

us warns north korea don't send weapons to russia during ukraine conflict

us warns north korea don’t send weapons to russia during ukraine conflict

A serious warning has been issued by the United States to North Korea about sending weapons and ammunition to Russia while the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues. This is happening because Kim Jong Un from North Korea and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin are planning to talk about weapons, and global tensions are running high.

Russia is putting a lot of effort and asking for support from its friends and partners in the region.

Jake Sullivan, who advises US President Joe Biden on national security, told everyone about this. He said that North Korea and Russia might have high-level talks soon, maybe even in person, to talk about the weapons Russia needs.

Sullivan also talked about a big worry.Russia could use weapons from North Korea to hurt important things like food and heating supplies, especially as winter comes, to try to take over land that belongs to another country. He said North Korea would face consequences in the international community if this happened.

Sullivan also said it’s important to note that Russia is having to ask a country like North Korea for help with weapons, which is a big deal.

Earlier this year, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu went to North Korea to try to get more weapons for the war in Ukraine, as confirmed by the White House.

As for whether Putin and Kim will meet, Russia didn’t confirm it yet. They said they have nothing to say about it.

Sullivan also mentioned that Russia might want to do joint military exercises with North Korea since they’re neighbors and all.

The US had already warned that Russia and North Korea were secretly talking about North Korea giving weapons and supplies to Russia for the war in Ukraine.

Reports say that Kim Jong Un might take a special train to Vladivostok, which isn’t far from North Korea, to meet with Putin later this month. Vladivostok is hosting a big meeting called the Eastern Economic Forum that lots of countries join.

What do Russia and North Korea want? Well, Putin wants things like artillery shells and missiles from North Korea. Kim Jong Un is interested in advanced technology for satellites and nuclear-powered submarines, as well as food for his country, which doesn’t have a lot.

South Korea, which handles relations between North and South Korea, sees that there’s a growing chance that Russia and North Korea might make a deal for weapons. They say that any cooperation between North Korea and its neighbors should be done in a way that doesn’t break the rules everyone agrees on for peace.

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The US had said before that North Korea would give rockets and missiles to Russia in 2022, even though both countries denied it. These weapons were meant for a group in Russia called the Wagner military group.

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