New Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zaidong Arrives in Islamabad, Pakistan

new chinese ambassador jiang zaidong arrives in islamabad, pakistan

new chinese ambassador jiang zaidong arrives in islamabad, pakistan

A new Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zaidong arrives in Islamabad, PAKISTAN. Mr. Jiang Zaidong, has come to Pakistan for a special job. His job is to make sure China and Pakistan stay really good friends and work together, As They have been friends for a long time and help each other in difficult times. 

On September 5, Mr. Jiang Zaidong arrived in Islamabad, which is Pakistan’s capital. Pakistani officials and people from the Chinese Embassy welcomed him warmly. This shows how much they care about this important political job. The Embassy in Pakistan took a photo and shared it to its official X account to share this significant event with the public.

Mr. Jiang Zaidong has a lot of experience in diplomacy, which means he knows how to talk to other countries and work with them. He got this job because the previous important person from China, Mr. Nong Rong, went back to China earlier this year.

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At the same time, Pakistan has chosen Mr. Khalil Hashmi to be their important person in China. Right now, Mr. Hashmi has a big job at the United Nations, which is like a club of countries working together. But he’s going to start his new job in China this month. This shows the importance of Pakistan and China Friendship. 

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Mr. Jiang Zaidong arrived in Pakistan to build this relationship stronger and both countries want to be even better friends and work together more closely. Pakistan is also doing his best to make this bond stronger. These important people help their countries work together and understand each other better.

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