ICC World Cup 2023 Trophy to tour Pakistan soon

icc world cup 2023 trophy to tour pakistan soon

icc world cup 2023 trophy to tour pakistan soon

The ICC World Cup 2023 trophy, which is a big deal in the world of cricket, is coming to Pakistan for a short visit on September 5th. It’s a big event for cricket fans in Pakistan. Everyone is excited about it.

Originally, they planned for the trophy to come to Pakistan in August, but that got postponed because there were some questions about whether Pakistan’s cricket team could join the big tournament.

During its quick visit to Pakistan, the trophy will go to famous places, shopping malls  and schools to meet people and get them excited about cricket.

The ICC World Cup 2023 is like a big cricket party, and it starts in India on October 5th. Ten teams from different countries will be there to compete for the trophy.

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 Why this was a bit of a puzzle for Pakistan’s cricket team. Because our neighbor India, who is also a cricket rival, didn’t want to play cricket in Pakistan because they were worried about safety.

This created a lot of confusion and made it uncertain if Pakistan could go to India for the World Cup party. But finally, after a lot of talking and sorting things out, Pakistan got the green light to join the party.

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Pakistan’s cricket team is getting ready to play tough matches against teams like India, Sri Lanka, Australia and England. It’s going to be a lot of fun for cricket fans around the world.
ICC World Cup 2023 trophy comes to Pakistan, on Tuesday, September 5. It’s like a big celebration of cricket. People in Pakistan really love cricket and this is a chance for everyone to come together and enjoy the game. Get ready for some exciting cricket action.

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