Pakistan , US relations back to normal

Pakistan , US relations back to normal

PM Shahbaz Sharif Pakistan said that in order to streamline county on economical stability , strengthening it’s bilateral relations with United States is a must.

He said, we are half way done to ameliorate our ties. He than emphasized the prolonged attempts to regain the sanity of relationship.

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He individually pledged to cultivate smooth and secure ties with United States on the basis of symbiosis. Embracing the loophole and working upon it on mutual terms will help Pakistan’s Infrastructure to expand.

Pakistan’s economic condition is worsening day by day , bad ties with country having much significance will lead Pakistan to face hard time.

Mentioned the cooperation between two countries in power, energy and prominently the establishment of five thousand megawatts of LNG based power plants. This bond between the countries has great potential, that can be utilised in agriculture, information and technology sector.

US, Largest Donor of Pakistan

Thanking United States He acknowledged US being the largest donor and a dominant contributor , when devastating flood hit Pakistan.

It will give an optimistic effect and will aid in enhancing the bond between United States and Pakistan.

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