PM Pakistan offered India to participate in CPEC


Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Shareef urged India to take part in multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) infrastructure project.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef has urged India to take benefit of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) infrastructure project as it is a million dollar project. He urged India to take part in the project instead of creating hurdles in it.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef highlighted the importance Mega development project of CPEC project calling it a huge benefit for Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East regions.

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef said it to mark the completion of 10 years of CPEC. He said, “CPEC is a beautiful plan to connect not only regions and areas but also people’s hearts”.

Doubling the pace of development

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef urged to double the pace of development as the project is not only for improving roads, rails, and sea ports but it would also help people in health, education, skill development and other important factors.

CPEC is able to change the living standards of people as it is a game changing project for the whole region and its people.

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The Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef congratulated the leadership and people of Pakistan for completion of 10 years of CPEC. The project is a new chapter of evergreen and trusted strategic cooperative partnership between the two iron brothers.

Shahbaz Shareef said, “The enemies of CPEC are against peace, development and prosperity in Pakistan and the region, as they do not want to eradicate poverty from the country”.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the importance of project for National Disaster Management Authority as it would be beneficial for early warnings amid climatic changes.

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