Beauty Salons Ban in Afghanistan

Beauty Salons Ban in Afghanistan

Talibans are banning women beauty salons in Afghanistan, a latest curb on the rights and freedom of Afghani people.

Taliban in Afghanistan banned women beauty salons following the curb on rights and freedom of Afghani people. First stopping them from education, parks, public places and any kind of employment now Taliban banned women from taking any beauty consultant help and any kind of salon treatment.

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According to the spokesperson of the Taliban government, the reasons for the ban on beauty salons are not clarified by higher officials. He only confirmed the news circulating on social media by accepting the ban.

According to the details, the government of Afghanistan gave one month to all the beauty salons for winding up their business in all the provinces of the country, including the capital Kabul. All the salons in country are directed to close their business and submit a closure report to the concerned authorities.

The decision to ban beauty salons came right after Akhundzada claimed that the Afghanistan government is working really hard to make the lives of women better in the country.

Salon Owners Reaction

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Most of the salon owners are really devastated after the ban news as this business is the only source of their family income. One of the salon owner said, she was only breadwinner of her family after her husband died in suicide bombing. Now she will lose the only source of her earnings as Taliban are imposing ban on women in all terms.

Despite all the promises, Taliban government is just putting harsh measures on women. They promised of more moderate rules but all they are doing is banning everything and making life more difficult for women.

They also stopped women from visiting parks, gyms, public spaces as well as crackdown on media reporters. The measures taken by Afghan government is also having a negative impact on economy as all the nations are against this humanitarian crises going on in Afghanistan.

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