Malaria surge in Karachi

Malaria surge in Karachi

Dadu, a district in Sindh has witnessed a surge in malaria infections causing concern among health officials and residents. The situation is alarming as it poses a lot of additional health risks and urgent need to solve the situation.

Doctors have been working and prescribing Primaquine tablets to affected patients. The availability of these medications has also become a challenge due to shortages in local medical stores.

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Both the patients and healthcare providers are trying to manage the situation but less medical facilities in the district is causing a lot of problems.

Flood and Malaria

Recent floods which caused a lot of problems also contributed to escalation of malaria as mosquitoed overspread in different towns and people got infected by the disease.

The aftermath of flood has also created a favorable environment for the breeding of mosquitoes, the primary reasons responsible for transmitting of viral infection.

To address this health issue, there are several steps to take in order to save people from infectious health concerns:

  1. Ensuring medication supply: Steps should be taken to ensure an adequate supply of Primaquine tablets and other necessary medications to local medical stores. Collaboration between healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies is essential in resolving the shortage issue.
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  3. Vector control: Intensifying mosquito control measures is vital to reduce the mosquito population. This includes eliminating stagnant water sources, promoting the use of insecticide-treated bed nets, implementing indoor residual spraying, and community-based interventions like larviciding.

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