Threads feature on Instagram

Threads feature on Instagram

Meta the parent company of Facebook, has recently released an app like twitter named threads to steal the uncompetitive dominance of twitter . Surprisingly the app has already hit to tens of millions of downloads , it is a chat-based companion to Instagram, which is also owned by meta.

Thread proved to be a show stealer , by getting popular in no days. Prominence of thread is clear depiction of its ultimate success. Still to what time it remain popular or audience accept it or not is yet uncertain.

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Briefing about the app, it is an extension of instagram which allows text based conversations. It’s mandatory to have instagram in order to use threads. The CEO of meta Mark Zuckerberg said that threads reaching half of instagram’s current users that us one billion approximately.

App is available on app store or play store. Upon signing in users retain their Instagram handle and followers.

Thread, same like Twitter feature

Thread is similar to twitter. Each post on thread allows for up to 500 characters, buttons to add picture and videos.

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Still the app missing some functions on which Adam Mosseri said, My teams are working for tirelessly to introduce more functionalities as soon as possible. It shows that in the era of revolution and technology there is still more room for more apps.

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