AI against Technology industry


Artificial Intelligence is already taking over many jobs alongside it is also causing disturbance for technological revolution and industry.

Artificial Intelligence is now one of the most important talk of the town these days as emergence of ChatGPT and AI bots are totally changing the environment of work and traditional nature of jobs.

A lot of technology firms have cited Artificial intelligence as the major reason behind the layoffs of their companies. AI also set the alarm for possible takeover of jobs.

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The Educational Technology company Cheg revealed that, “It was letting go 80 or 4% of its employees to better position the company to execute against its AI strategy and to create long-term, sustainable value for its students and employees”.

The CEO of IBM also said, company might stop hiring for the roles which could be replaced by AI in upcoming years. He added that, “AI is going to create more jobs than it takes away”.

Will AI replace humans ?

As Artificial Intelligence is doing a lot of work that was not possible on human basis. There are also a lot of concerns about AI replacing humans but it is still not looking possible as at the end Artificial Intelligence still needs command from humans.

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The Professor of Columbia Business School Dan Wang told media that, “AI will cause organisations to restructure. Well it is not going to take human place”.

He said, “As far as I see it, doesn’t necessarily replace humans but rather enhance the work of humans. I think that the kind of competition that we all should be thinking more about is that human specialists will be replaced by human specialists who can take advantage of AI tools”.

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