35% increase in Govt Employees salaries

35% increase in Govt Employees salaries

The Financial Ministry increased adhoc relief allowance of all government employees from 30 to 35%.

The Financial Ministry issued a notification of increase in adhoc allowance of all government employees from 30 to 35%. The adhoc relief allowance from grade 17 to grade 22 has been raised by 30%.

All the contingent pay workers and contract workers will avail the allowance. Armed forces personnel, civil forces, civilian employees will also get the same allowance during their service tenure.

The employees will also be able to get the allowance during their regular leaves and offs but they will be unable to get it during extraordinary leaves. 

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Allowance conditions

The allowance will not be granted to employees during the deputation of employees abroad but they will start getting it as soon as they return and start their service in the concerned office.

The allowance will not be counted for the calculation of pension, gratuity and house rent received by employees. The adhoc allowance will be included in the personal salaries of employees.

However, no supplementary grants have been provided to the ministries and divisions to pay the adhoc relief allowance. The orderly allowance of government officials above grade 22 is also increased.

The conveyance allowance of disabled employees is also increased by 100% from 2000 to 4000 and pensions of old age retired employees is also increased from Rs 8500 to 10000.

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