China’s AI Chat GPT

China's AI Chat GPT

Baidu Inc (9888.HK), the leading search engine provider in China, has announced that its latest version of the Ernie AI model, called Ernie 3.5, has outperformed the Microsoft-backed OpenAI chatbot and the GPT-4 model in various important metrics.

In a statement on Tuesday, Baidu stated that Ernie 3.5 has achieved higher comprehensive ability scores compared to ChatGPT and demonstrated superior performance in several Chinese language capabilities compared to GPT-4.

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Performance of AI Models

The Beijing-based company referred to a test conducted by the state newspaper China Science Daily, which utilized datasets including AGIEval and C-Eval, two benchmarks commonly used to assess the performance of AI models.

OpenAI has not responded to an email requesting comment during non-business hours.

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Baidu’s announcement comes at a time when there is a global fascination with AI, sparked by the success of ChatGPT, which has also gained popularity in China. This has led to a surge of domestic companies introducing competing products in the AI market.

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