One Piece Chapter 1080, Major Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1080, Major Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1080 is about to release for readers and everyone out there is excited for 10 April. The last episode witnessed the surprising story development. In the last episode York ordered all the Seraphim to kill everyone except her and Dr Vegapunk.

The chapter also revealed the Blackbeard Pirates ships moving towards the island and then story directly shifted towards Elbaf where Shanks defeated the kids.

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After the release fans will have still to eait for two to four days for reading One Piece Chapter 1080. Due to the delay fans are discussing about the upcoming turns in the chapter and big events that are going to happen.

Some of Major Spoilers

Shanks Vs Blackbeard will be a Final Saga Battle according to the leaked spoiler and guessing from readers however some readers are not ready for the final battle yet. As in the last episode blackbeards were about to approach the Egghead Island on ship.

Many fans are expecting to see Luffy battle against Blackbeard however according to the leaked spoilers shanks are expected to get in final battle with Blackbeard in Chapter 1079.

As the clues from Chapter 1072, a secret weapon revealing and Straw Hats showed that Luffy will face Saint Jay Garcia Saturn, one of the five elders in next chapter but still it is about spoilers and guesses. The story could possibly take a different turn to surprise readers.

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The chapter will officially be released on April 10, requiring fans attention for raw images, synopsis and official spoilers.

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