Finland Joined NATO

Finland Joined NATO

Finland formally joined North Atlantic Treaty Organization in a historic shift to which Russia is threatening counter measures. The President of Finland Sauli Ninisto along with NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg during a press conference announced the decision.

The Foreign Minister of Finland Pekka Haavisto Completed the process and handed the document to United States Secretary Antony Blinken during the ceremony at NATO’s Headquarters. Along with 30 member alliances Finland flag, a blue cross on white background also displayed.

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Sweden, Next Expected Member

NATO General Secretary while talking during his speech said that, Finland became a full fledged member today and soon Sweden will join as the member of alliance.

“For almost 57 years, this great alliance has shielded our nations and continues to do so today, but war has returned to Europe and Finland has decided to join NATO and be a part of most successful alliance of the world”, he added.

President of Finland Saul Ninisto also talked to the event and said, “It is a great day for Finland and I want to say that it is an important day for NATO”. Russia also said that this joining of Finland would strengthen its military capacity in western and northwestern regions.

Finland is one of the few Europeon countries to have retained a conscription army through decades. Its naval and airforces are all well trained and equipped with one primary. Finland joining NATO will mark the start of another era of Peace.

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Last year, Finland and Sweden both applied together to join NATO, however the application of Sweden held up from Turkey and Hungary. The application is expected to be accepted soon by the members and Sweden will also join NATO soon.

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